111(A)New Student ID Card

All students please come to the office and get the new ID card before 9/16, thanks.
  1. Please display the old student ID card to the assistant in the office.
  2. Please make sure the student already complete the tuition payment. 
  3. During the time from 9/14 to 9/16 please take both of the student ID card with you, cause the file in the system will changing over that time.
  4. Please go to the website of easy card corporation ( ) and register your name for your old student ID card before 9/16, if the student have some money in the old one. And the student still could use the old student ID card to purchase things as usual, but it couldn't be used for entry public area or no authority to get in this building after 9/16. 
  5. The new student ID card activate time from 9/16.