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Glimpses of Current Status
The department of Materials Science and Engineering is full of energy and excitement. Since our establishment in 1989, we have built our reputation as a top-notch research institute in materials research and technology development. Our foundation in science is indisputable. On average, our faculty publishes 3.76 publications in peer-referred scientific journal, which places us within top 10 departments in academic performance among engineering schools in Taiwan. Applying our deep rooted strength in materials science into innovative devices, we have been participating in many national research projects to develop commercially viable products for national economy. Several of our research topics are posed to open up new areas with great potentials. Below is a brief summary of our current research activities:

23 funded by National Science Council

including 2 projects in National Nanotechnology program
  • Self-assembled nanostructured block copolymer /quantum dot composite materials
  • nano-recording medias and nano-arrays of carbon materials

1 funded by Ministry of Economic Affair
  • III-V High-frequency IC and Package Processing (3 years)
  • 16 funded by local industries (IC, LCD, LED, etc)
  • 6 international projects (SRC, Intel, Sharp, Ulvac, US Air force Research Lab)

Annual R&D expenditure ~ US$2M