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About MSE
  The department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University has undergraduate, master and doctoral degree programs. And has a total of 25 professors. The department has undergone mature development to become what it is today. We are in close cooperation with the National Nano Device Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Chung-Shan Institute and many high-tech industries in Hsinchu Science Park. With much emphasis on technology integration and innovative material design, we aim to help develop expertise in modern technology as well as cutting edge material manufacturing and selection for our society.
  Our department pays close attention to the foreign language capabilities of students. Encouraging and pushing them to participate in international conferences and publish papers abroad each year. Results have been remarkable and has received widespread recognition within and outside the country in academic as well as industrial fields. Recently, students of our department have exchanged to many reputable universities and major research centers (e.g. University of Washington, University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) for further learning. We later received high praise of their good work.

  The department of Materials Science and Engineering has outstanding lecturers, accurate foresight on future technology development, top-notch experiment equipment, and grandest of department buildings. We are highly regarded by the high-tech industry and are well connected with top universities all over the world.

The Best Lecturers
  Professors from The department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University specialize in many fields of science. With solid training in education and graduation from prestigious schools at home and abroad, such as MIT, NU, UC, UIUC, Oxford, NTU, NTHU, NTCU, NCKU, and so on. Furthermore, professors of MSE in NCTU have received many awards domestically, such as Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Jin-Dui Hou Remarkable Honor Award, Outstanding Research Award, etc. In the rapid tides of science advancement and ever-changing industry trends, our professors will provide students with proactive thinking and broad knowledge of sciences.

Most Proactive Aspects of High-tech Research

Prior development of Department of MSE in NCTU
  Electronic materials (semiconductor materials, electronic-related materials), IC process and component manufacture, electronics packaging and equipment, electronic components.
Optoelectronic materials (flat panel display materials, LCD, OLED), LCD-related materials, LED materials, optical communications materials.
Energy materials (versatile energy materials), solar energy material, organic and inorganic energy composite materials.
Biomaterials (versatile biomaterials), drug carrier and release materials, biomedical and chemical sensing materials.
Nanomaterials (versatile high-tech materials), high-tech electronic materials, optoelectronic nanomaterials.Located near HSP, NCTU MSE has much cooperation with many high-tech enterprises, and has shipped much technology to the industry. Creating a win-win situation. Potential profit in technology transferring is also increasing year by year.

Exclusive Material Engineering Laboratories in the country.



The Most Sophisticated Equipment
  There is an abundant amount of professional equipment in NCTU MSE, e.g., AES, TEM, STEM, SEM...
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Newest and Largest International Grade Department Building
MSE building was completed in 2005. Providing students with much learning space.



Most Loved by the High-Tech Industry
  According to the reports by CW, 63.5%of chairmen and managers in HSP are from NCTU; 80% of Chinese founded companies in Silicon Valley are also from NCTU Graduates. In surveys by Cheers magazine, the graduates of NCTU COE Graduates are personnel that enterprises need the most. In fact, Masters and PhD students of our department each have an average of 5 corporations seeking to hire them.


Most Outstanding Researching
From National Science Council reports, Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University has achieved the highest Impact factor nationwide on SCI for 3 years in a row. This is a clear indication that our paper publishing is of the best quality.

Best International Competitiveness
The department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University gained second place in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014 - Materials Science.

Industry-Grade Cleanroom

Upon the third year of undergraduate students, our students are given the opportunity to experience the manufacturing of semiconductor and optoelectronic components. We prepare them thoroughly for the industry, with much experience in practical fields.


Closest Integration with Various Academic Institutions
  We are closely in a cooperation with the Advanced Material Research Center of National Chiao Tung University. Whether in the material experimental field or cross-disciplinary integrations, we department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University stand in the very front of material development.