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MSE of NCTU is located in Hsin Chu, Taiwan, which is approximately 70 km (44 miles) south of Taipei. With population around 300,000s, the city of Hsin Chu is a fast growing metropolitan alive with many activities and enjoyments. Beaches, mountains, and valleys are within 1 hour in driving, ensuring weekend getaway after strenuous study. Climate in Hsin Chu is sub-tropical with typical gust in fall and winter. The average temperatures for summer and winter are 25-33 C and 10-22 C, respectively. The living standard and income per capita in Hsin Chu parallel those in Taipei as this area is especially zoned for high-tech companies, national laboratories, as well as research institutes and universities. The famous Science Park, which houses many electronic/semiconductor/LCD corporations, contributes greatly to the national economy and provides fantastic career opportunities for recent graduates.